it's me and you rosie cracklin' like crossed wires

1. bruce springsteen is a rock god
2. i judge all shows by h:lots standards
2a. 'homicide: life on the street' is a 1990s cop show. why haven't you seen it yet?
3. hisako ichiki is my favourite
4. sandra oh for jessica jones
5. joan watson is greater than all your other watsons combined
6. idris elba for all your favourite sacred white characters
7. lea salonga should record a les mis album by herself. i would buy it.
8. olivia pope deserves better than fitz
9. there will be irregular picspams of shows i like
10. if none of that has scared you off, i am an asian canadian woman who likes looking at media critically. white dudes are generally my least favourite character type. i mean, they have to be twice as good as everyone else to be considered half as worthwhile. (except scott summers. and if that doesn't get me unfollowed, i don't know what will.)
10a. i like elementary, but i don't think it's all that progressive. better than other shows? sure, but still too white gazey. i think this means other shows should do better, not that elementary should get tonnes of praise for...treating joan like a human being. joan, for me, is micro-resistance. elementary could still do better.
11. john cho \o/

i liked how the case/client of the week turned out.

but sometimes often, watching shonda rimes’ characters over-identify with the people they’re helping just doesn’t work for me. IDK if it’s just too much emotion or words/’telling instead of showing’ or if it’s because it feels as though they’re going to cross the line into unprofessionalism, which I guess I must really dislike. EMOTIONAL DISTANCE, where did it go?  I don’t mind so much when POTUS does it, probably because I don’t really like him. But that scene between Paris and Olivia… It was like, Olivia, you’re practically telling her you slept with the President too. No wonder the First Lady figured it out. NEITHER OF THEM ARE DISCREET. (though i thought the spoiler I saw was about her wanting to RUN for President against her husband (with Olivia as her advisor or in some other position, natch), not about the affair. IDK how I came to that conclusion. I do like that she knows too. It’s the worst kept secret ever.)

And Meredith Grey’s dad is manipulating both of them and probably secretly running the USofA, while POTUS angsts over Olivia. I wonder if Paris really did have an affair with POTUS or if she’s also hiding something in order to get to Olivia and/or POTUS.

  1. nevertravelled said: yeah, that scene was so off for me. i HOPE it doesn’t get as bad as grey’s, where every patient has a special story to teach them about themselves.
  2. ladystonehugs said: "if it’s because it feels as though they’re going to cross the line into unprofessionalism, which I guess I must really dislike" - this is reason number 1 why i couldn’t deal with grey’s!! i hope it’s less over the top as scandal proceeds…
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